Welcome to Bromodding! We have been providing GTA Modding services since 2016. We offer game services to many popular games for PS5/PS4, Xbox One & PC. We are trusted by 50,000 customers worldwide.

The money will be applied to your existing GTA Online character.
Works on new Xbox Series X, Xbox series S versions, and old ones






Rank Up Package PC
Any rank will be applied to your character

GTA 5 Modded Accounts

Bromodding is a game modding company. We help our customers to get in-game currency, modded accounts, all unlocks in the game. We provide services mainly for GTA Online.

Everyone wants to drive a nice car and have big apartments with a big garage, but it costs much money. Rockstar made it almost impossible to grind for that cash to get all the stuff the players want, so the only way is to buy overpriced shark cards.

We save our customers up to 80% on shark cards. Our services are much cheaper and give you more for less price. Bromodding has worked with thousands of customers worldwide, and we got promoted by the top influencers in the community. Don’t trust our words. Check our reviews on Trustpilot from real customers.

The most popular product we sell is GTA 5 Modded Accounts for PS5/PS4/Xbox One. That’s a pre-made account by our professional team, and it has everything you need: high rank, a lot of cash, all unlocks. You get full account access, and you can change the online id, email, and password. The delivery time for the GTA Modded Account is 15 minutes, and our team will send it to your email address with all the needed instructions on how to use it.

GTA Online Cash Drop

If you’re short on money, you can get a modding service for your existing GTA character. In that case, we will require your account details such as email and password. Our modding team will log in to your account and apply the boosting. The service for your existing character takes longer than GTA 5 modded account delivery, normally from 12 to 24 hours.

Why choose Bromodding? We have a very affordable price compared to the competitors, English-speaking support, anti-ban warranty, exclusive services, fast delivery, live chat support. By buying from our website, you can be sure that you get your service done. All customers get some extra bonuses to their orders which makes our customers happy, and they post many good reviews about our service.

Are you playing GTA Online on PC? We got you covered. You can find a wide range of services for PC, and it’s way cheaper than on consoles. The delivery time for GTA Cash Drop for PC is 15 minutes. We will require your account details to access the account, such as steam, social club, epic games.

Check our money drop and Xbox One GTA Modded Account options. We provide high-quality service for exclusive services for Xbox. Cash drop takes up to 24 hours, unlocks 12-24 hours, and modded accounts delivered almost instantly by email.

If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our support on the live chat or email. We will be happy to assist you!